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Metropolitan Bed for Modern People


Metropolitan Wenge Queen BedMetropolitan Bed is a form of a bed with a clever design. The bed type is marketed to modern society that loves new things and unique. Artistic should not outdated. With this type of bed, you will feel a different bed that belongs to someone else. The bed is like a couch. Overview if you look at the shape of this bed look just like a couch and not a bed. But if you look closer, you’ll know that this is the coolest beds you will ever meet. The bed is a work of Jeffrey Bernett for B & B Italia. They created the design of this bed was inspired by the lifestyle of the people in the metropolitan city that loves everything practical and minimalist.

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Tree Bed Will Bring Nature in Your Bedroom

tree bed frame┬áIt’s not impossible for an adult to want the fairy theme in his bedroom. Fairy is a theme that does not know the age. Because everyone likes a part of this theme personally. There is a fairy-like and beautiful parinya there who love the beauty nature has to offer in every fairy theme. In this article we will discuss about the natural beauty that is created on the theme of fairy. Tree Bed is the solution for adults who want a theme in his bedroom. You will feel like sleeping under a shady tree and feel the beauty of nature even though it is a replica. The beds of this type can be used by all ages. Since the form is not highlighting the childhood or whatever. So all are free to use this bed.

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Illuminating Door Handle


illuminated door handlesIlluminating Door Handle is a new innovation for forward-paced world. Rapidly developing countries and people were abuzz create unique new findings. One of them is the Door Handle. A sophistication that has never existed before. Door Handle that has a light in it and can glow in the dark. You no longer need to search where the location of the door of your house when the lights went out. Since Door Handle can emit bright light. You need to know that handle does not require electricity. It uses a special battery that lasts. Battery life is used to achieve a full year. So you do not have to worry about spending too much money to buy batteries.

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