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Glamorous Bathroom Design

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This glamorous bathroom design combines white and purple to create a modern luxurious bathroom. Patterned tile wall makes the bathroom looks more luxurious. A black rug adds external comfort to the bathroom. Beautiful chandelier hanging proudly to shine the luxury light. A square bathtub is completed with headrest allows you to lay your head there relaxingly. Black patterned tile wall adds the luxurious atmosphere there.

Blue wall gives natural sense to the bathroom. Unique shape of sink looks beautiful in blue glamorous bathroom. Yellow wall that hugs the bathtub adds sense of intimacy and warmth. It also makes the bathroom looks special and has more space.

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Panoramic view of outdoor becomes essential element in this bathroom design. It looks glamorous and unites with nature. Dark wood is added to bring warmth and coolness. Comfortable bathtub near large window of glass provides fresh water and relaxing space for you. The cozy bathroom gets much light from outdoor that makes the room brighter.

Earthy warmth reveals from modern bathroom with textured stones wall and tropic plants. The bathroom design looks simple, but the simplicity is turned away to glamorous bathroom with good layout and modern elements.
The glamorous bathroom design puts soft angle bathtub in the cozy corner. It brings coziness and extra special of experience. The bathroom looks comfortable and cool. Red element brighten up the atmosphere.

Glamorous bathroom combines lime green, black, and black that make a sensual color that calms soul. Brick board brings warmth and natural sense. Decoration flower freshen the room. comfortable oval bathtub completes the beauty and luxury.

Brown wall brings sense of warmth and shade. Dark brown storage balance the wall. this glamorous bathroom design put effect of accent lighting. It looks so comfortable to bath in. Striking red bathroom looks glamorous in minimalist style. Platform bathtub provides coolness to bath in. The red color is combined with stripped white floor looks like board of wood.

Glamorous bathroom with beautiful tile floor. Unique shape of bathtub completes the luxurious look of the design. Double wall lamps accompany gorgeous mirror in the middle of wall space.

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